Some words about MarS

Not so long time ago , in a not so far , far galactic MarS settled in.
It was in 1997.
First creatures launched then were 120 MM Super Scale army figures .
They were made of a very rude epoxide resin , called Epidian.
A structure netting ( getting hard ) lasted almost 24 hours !  That stuff was incredibly sticky to everything ; hands, casting forms, air.  Awful. But it was only resin available in Poland then. The work was very hard. The popular scale this time was 1/35. But I liked the almost brand new then
1/15 or 120 mm Super Scale more. Introduced by a very well known ( that days ) company.
The figures , seemed to me, were so exciting. They gave a possibility to show much more then these smaller ones.
So I followed that idea. Of course, Polish soldiers figures were edited first.
Finally , I arranged  two choices for collectors :

#  MAN*UNIFORM*ARMS - this is a sole "puppet" exposing precisely detailed  uniform and an outfit, suitable to its duty and a war place of activity. It is constructed following historic base : snaps, real outfit and armament elements ( my hobby ).

##  IN ACTION - following the title, a set of three figures , caught acting, shows the real scene from a certain battlefield. Of course, all outfit and equipment details are strongly kept.

Once, the idea of a braille scale army vehicles came...
 I didn't realize then, it would be so hard and precise work to get enough good quality.
But this placed me noticed on the market with my WHEELS 1914 - 45.
Also got satisfaction...

Another dream - war vessels - is still cruising around...

Presently, after opening a blue, simple cadboard box you can find products developed during some years of intensive work with a support of got knowledge. And philosophy.

MarS owner & kits' creator

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2005 Konrad Gabriel Szarkowski