20mm / L65 Mauser FlaK 38

Light automatic AA gun on a Sdahg 51 carriage

The gun was used in AA role (especially low flying aircraft) and against ground targets as a steady (strongholds, warships, armored trains) or mobile (on towing or self-propelled chassis) weapon.Serviced German army, navy, air force and even mountain and airborne troops.In service since 1940.
Constructed on a base of experiences of a 20mm AA Rhe-Bo gun, but better performances ( rate of fire )and technical datas were obtained. Loaded with 20 rounds magazines (armor piercing, shrapnel, fire starting ammo ).Ignition by foot (a pedal) or manual( a cord ). Seriously modified a FlaK 38 G gun was designated for mountain troops.The FV FlaK 38 it was four barreled version with icreased firepower.


It is a most popular, earlier version with a light carriage to be high speed towed.
Together with a cross-country Horch 108 car (as a field modification) makes a MarS set cat nr 7242

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