90 mm Ansaldo 90 / 53 modello 41 C 

heavy anti - aircraft gun

Cannone da 90/53 was the best Italian anti-aircraft gun in service with Italy from 1941-43. It was an outstanding weapon which could stand comparision with its other contemporaries. It was a modern design, good and solid. In July 1943 German took the production line and used it for its own use. In North Africa, for some time a lot of guns had Germans in service successfully and they had found Cannone da 90/53 so good, even comparable with their own “88”. They valued the Ansaldo gun so highly that after Italian surrender, 315 ones ( by German records ) were collected and sent to support AA ground defense of the Reich. Its official German designation was “ 9 - cm Flak 309 / I ( i )”, also “ 9 - cm Flak 41 ( i ) ” was found. As a multi-purpose gun Italian used it as AA/CD (coast defense)  guns, long range field guns, AT guns, navy guns. The Allies captured many 90/53s while advancing north and used mainly for a coast defense role alongside with British batteries placed around taken Italians ports. Modernized for radar control was at service in late 60.

The Cannone da 90/53 was designated and built by Ansaldo ( first ones appeared in 1939) in three main versions :
Modello 41 P ( statics ) - supposed to be most numerous version with 1087 guns ordered
Modello 41C ( towed ) - 660 guns ordered
Modello 41 Autocannoni - 57 guns were adapted to mount on heavy trucks
Modello 41 - 30 barrels only to be mounted on self - propelled tracked vehicles.
Ordering is one, but producing weapons is another . In reality by July 1943 only 539 weapons of all variant s had been delivered to be used by Italian Forces. After, continued productions was for Germans needs.
NOTICE : The 90/53 gun was not a copy of the 8,8 cm Krupp 88/L56 gun. The main differences were : fire control instruments and equipement, one - piece barrel, hanging of a transport carriage and other minor details.
TOWING VEHICLES :  Breda 61, TM 40, Lancia 3 ro ( MarS catnr 7270 )


A standard 41 C , war time built and service with transport equipment.
The set enables building a kit ready to be towed or dismounted at the fire position.

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