Scotti Isotta Fraschini 20/70

20 mm anti-aircraft automatic gun

The guns were widely used during 2nd war activities by Italian army in Italy, North Africa , on sea and in air, beside other but better known Breda 20/65
The company of Alfredo Scotti in Brescia, patented an original mechanism of a lock closing for automatic weapons at the end of 20's. This solution was introduced in many weapons, from small caliber to 40mm. In the 30's tthe company Isotta Fraschini in Milano bought the right to build all the Scotti's weapons, and they were developed and improved. The first model of 20/70 IF (1934) was chambered for the 20x110RB Oerlikon cartridges supplied from 60 round drum magazine. After the adoption by navy and army of Breda 20/65 fed with cartridges 20x138B, the SI-F was forced to change the ammunition adopting the 12 round strip magazine, as used for the Breda ,to uniform feeding popular AA guns' system. In 1938,army and navy oredered some S-IF gun : 50 with a wheel carriage, and 150 with a navy gun pod. In 1939 the gun was again improved, and produced as modello 39. The final model appeared in 1941, and was reproduced by Societa Anonima OM (Officine Meccaniche) in Brescia, and by CEMSA(Caproni Elettro Meccanica Societa Anonima) in Saronno, marked as modello 41. Very often Navy used Breda gun pod with S-IF gun. Twin guns were also built. Some developed as quadruple guns (like German Flakvierling) were mounted on M15/42 tank.In 1943 DICAT (Difesa Contro Aerei Territoriale = anti aircraft territorial defence) has 545 S-IF mod 39 and 41. Used also as a board defense weapon of Savoia Marchetti SM84. Almost 50 guns delivered to Holland were used to protect industrial objects near Zaandam, during Blitzkrieg in 1940.After 8 september 1943, German produced S-IF under designation : 2cm FlaK Scotti(i). At the beginnig of 1945 Luftwaffe AA units have in service about 500 SI-F guns. TOWING VEHICLES : SPA CL39 ( MarS catnr 7276, 7277 )


A standard version of modello 41 C with a transport carriage included. The set enables building a kit ready to be towed or dismounted at the fire position.

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